Logo_001In 2014, the Higher Education Policy Institute, under the auspices of The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, will convene two symposia, starting in February, focusing on the future of higher education. These one day events will bring together thought leaders from around the state and nation to discuss the purposes and delivery of  higher education. While each symposium will include invited state and national speakers, significant time will be built in for participants to engage in thoughtful discussion of the topic and presentations. The primary purpose of the symposia is to be aggressively reflective and both will result in a white paper based upon the presentations and discussions. Taken together, these white papers will help provide political and higher education leaders with the framework to consider the role and structure of higher education in the future.

Symposium One: The Purposes of Higher Education in the 21st Century  (February 17)  (For video of the sessions, click here. To download the white paper on the results, click here: The Purposes of Higher Ed White Paper.)
Symposium Two: Higher Education Instruction and Learning in the 21st Century (July 11)  (For video of the sessions, click here.)

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